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Our next reissue project is a slice of Deep etherial roots and dub from Summer Records label boss Keith "Jerry" Brown circa 1978.

Hailing from Trenchtown Jerry was an original member of the Rocksteady group "The Jamaicans" before migrating to Toronto. He set up Summer Records in the basement of his suburban home in Malton near the airport, a subterranean music sanctuary for the likes of Prince Jammys, Jackie Mittoo, Johnny Osbourne and Willi Williams.
Dreadlock Lady features Jerry's yearning falsetto over a hazy instrumental courtesy of the Ishan Band and showcasing horns-man Fitty's transcendent flute and Sax solos. The Dub enters even more surreal territory with Jerry at the controls putting the tape machine through its  paces, reminiscent of wilder outings at Wackies Studio.


Stay tuned for a short documentary on Jerry Brown featuring a wealthy of archive and never before seen footage Co-directed by me (Chris Flanagan) and Directed by Graeme Mathieson , produced by Lea Marin and Sherien Bharsoum at The National Film Board of Canada.

Love and respect to Jerry, a lovely soul who has become something of a father figure to us.


Jerry Brown- Dreadlock Lady 12" -----PRE ORDER

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