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"Congo" by Nkrumah is a hypnotic slice of deep roots by Nkrumah aka Toronto's Kwame Salmon. The city that was home to Johnny Osbourne, Leroy Sibbles, Jackie Mittoo and countless other Reggae legends has produced another artist following this great  lineage, a singer  with a voice unlike anyone else.

Originally released in miniscule quantities as a self produced dubplate/lathe cut, the 45 caused a sensation among Djs and sound system operators world wide.  

This official release features a different mix with an extended version and a spare, mesmerizing  Dub version by Toronto's Heavy Manners crew reminiscent of late 90s/early 2000s Rhythm and Sound releases. 


Check out Nkrumah's other releases Rough & Rugged and Rockers Arena.

Nkrumah-Congo 7" NOW SHIPPING!

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